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A Book Written by Someone Under 30

More time has past and another book is under my belt in the 2015 Reading Challenge. I know it’s been a while, but don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten my resolution for this year. While the last book’s A Classic Romance took us into the beloved story of “Pride and Prejudice,” this novel turns to the opposite end of the spectrum. The only slight similarity is a common theme of love . . . and that’s about it. With Peter Stenson’s “Fiend,” it’s all about zombies and drugs. It’s like combining “Walking Dead” with “Breaking Bad” into a drug-fueled, brains-eating, edge of your seat, nail biting story of drug addicts in the apocalypse. Yeah, it’s kind of intense. But the novel also comes with some comedy (I mean they are high most of the time), a romantic connection you find yourself rooting for and the underlying power of just how difficult overcoming addictions can be. Knowing that Stenson comes from a background of past addiction, his description of what goes through the mind of an addict is not only believable but riveting. As someone who only recently got into zombie novel myself, this book may not be for everyone. But if you have a soft spot for bloody guts and end of the world plots, you should definitely give it a try. Continue reading A Book Written by Someone Under 30