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Days of Summer Gone By Part I

With fall officially upon us and summer complete, I thought I’d take one last time to reflect on some of the  outside projects I worked on to not only improve the look of our home, but also give us delicious rewards. I’m speaking of course of my front garden’s total transformation. If you read my post April Showers Bring May Flowers, you’ll know how much I wanted to re-landscape the front yard with some much needed flowers, freshening up the entire feel of our home. I’ll also pick up where I left off with Humble Vegetable Beginnings. To read some insight into what I learned from my first vegetable garden and what I’ll be prepared for next summer, see the second part of this post in Days of Summer Gone By Part II. So here’s to having a wonderful season this past year as I stroll down summer’s memory lane.

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A True Blue Trendy Bathroom

We’ve all heard that first impressions can sometimes be lasting impressions. Whether interviewing for a job or going out on a first date, we are all influenced by either positive impressions or damaging ones. And the same is also true for many homes. I think for a lot of people whenever they enter a new house for the first time — whether it be family or friends — the look definitely plays a part in the “wow factor.” For some, it’s the entryway that decides it, while others find it in the living room or kitchen. But for me, it’s hands down the guest bathroom. You may of just had to take a double read on that, but let me explain. When it comes to bathrooms, I’m kind of a neat freak. I can’t stand smelly toilets, hair on the floor or gunky bath tubs — and I think a lot of people feel the same way. So when I see a guest bathroom that’s both clean and has an appealing design, I feel pretty ecstatic about my first impression. And that’s the idea I had in mind when I decided to do a complete renovation of our own guest bathroom.

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