A Hydrangea Love Obsession

I don’t think I’m alone when I say winter is my least favorite time of year. Once the Christmas and New Year holidays come and go, it seems like a lifetime before the air begins to warm, the lawnmowers are out and people can stand being outside for longer than five minutes. Despite my birthday coming up next month, I sometimes wish I could just fast forward to May (or move someplace where temperature never goes below 70 degrees). To give myself a reminder of what I have to look forward to this spring, this post honors one of my favorite things about warm weather — new hydrangeas in bloom. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower, and most recently have gained a lot of meaning for me. A couple months ago, the love of my life Jacob proposed to me and I said yes! It was one of the happiest moments in my life and while we have a ways to go as far as planning, I know without a doubt that the hydrangea will be the feature floral at our wedding. And who says I can’t go ahead and bring a little summer into this bleak and dreary winter now? With that said, here’s a little  idea I had to make a DIY flower wreath, reminding myself of all the things we have to look forward to  this summer.

hydrangea wreath

● Several hydrangea blooms
● Straw wreath
● Greening/flower pins (U shaped)
● Shears
● Wreath hanger

hydrangea wreathhydrangea wreath1. Prepare the flowers. While I used hydrangeas for the purpose of this project, there are many other flower variations you can utilize. Whether you’re growing them from your own garden or purchasing them from a shop, the same method still applies when it comes to fresh flowers. If bringing them in from outside, lightly rinse the flowers of any dirt or insects that might still be caught in the buds. Once the hydrangeas have dried for a couple days, you can begin making your wreath. Take your gardening shears and carefully clip the stems off, leaving a couple inches to securely place our pins. Set aside once complete.

hydrangea wreathhydrangea wreathhydrangea wreathhydrangea wreath2. Forming the wreath. Unwrap your straw wreath from the plastic (FIY: You can find most of the materials you need at your local craft store). Take one flower and place it over the straw wreath. Using the U-shaped pin, secure the flower in place by pressing the pin over the remaining stem and into the straw. It should be tight so the hydrangea doesn’t move around or fall out. Repeat this process with all the hydrangeas, making sure to cover up any parts of the straw that you can see. Rotate the flowers from left to right and/or front to back to make it a little less uniform and more rustic. Since hydrangea blooms tend to be big, it’ll also help with fitting them next to each other around the wreath. Don’t worry too much if the inner circle isn’t completely covered. Once you get the wreath up, nobody will be able to see anything but your gorgeous flowers. Cut away any extra stems that you don’t need once the flowers have been placed.

hydrangea wreathhydrangea wreathwinston hydrangea wreath3. The final product. Once you’ve gone full circle with placing your hydrangeas, carefully lift up the wreath and hold it as if it were hanging from your door. Look for any holes or uneven spots and fill those in with any remaining flowers you have or maneuver the ones you already have in place. It’s also a good idea to make sure your stems are tightly secured to the wreath and none fall out. It certainly doesn’t have to look perfect, just whatever looks best to your artistic eye. After you’re finished, take your wreath hook and place it under the top of the wreath and over the middle of your front door. Adjust accordingly to whatever looks best to you. By the way, make sure to keep a close eye on any furry friends who like to snatch up stems or flower petals that coincidentally fall on the floor (chasing around Winston loses interest after a while, especially when he tries to play keep away).

And there you have it! If done correctly, it should look like the hydrangeas formed into a complete circle all on their own and are hanging gracefully from your front door. This little project serves as a beautiful reminder to us all that summer isn’t as far away as we think it is.

hydrangea wreathhydrangea wreathhydrangea wreath


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