Falling in Love with Fall

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love summertime. If I had to choose between freezing in cold weather or sweltering in the hot sun, I’ll take a sunburn any day over shivering in my boots. So normally around this time of year, I feel a little melancholy for the end of my favorite season and absolute dread at what’s to come within a few months. But this year, I experienced a big change in attitude — I fell in love with fall. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but I definitely found myself looking more forward to autumn than I had  in the past. Pumpkin carving, scarves and boots, and hot apple cider. And with no neighbors in our backyard, we have a gorgeous view of the changing leaves. As it so happened, the season also arrived at about the same time as my latest home makeover: the entryway. Not only was I able to find some essential pieces to make an inviting entrance, I could also decorate with a fun fall foyer theme (see what I did there?).

fall foyer

fall foyer

As I slowly make my way toward transforming our first house into a home, I knew redesigning our entryway was one of the first things I wanted to accomplish. After finishing the makeover of our guest bathroom, I moved to the foyer since it seemed like a fast and easy turnaround. Just a fresh paint job and some much needed furniture made this one of the easier transformations I’ve done so far (despite some tedious decision-making and pouring over Pinterest pages.) Looking at the before/after photos to the top and right, you can see what a blank slate this house truly was when we first moved in. I really could do anything I wanted with this space, but there were three key pieces I needed to make this space a true entrance into our home: a console table, mirror and rug.

fall foyer

fall foyerfall foyerfall foyer

After deciding to repaint our entryway, living room and hallway the original color (Indian Ivory), the next step came in finding the right console table for the space provided. I can’t begin to tell you how many websites I sifted through and stores I stopped by trying to find the table that made me go “Wow.” It may seem like a simple decision, but not for my picky mind. I knew I wanted something with drawers and a shelf on the bottom, which doesn’t seem like a big request, but it was a feat to find. I ended up going with a piece I had in mind for some time, but wanted to look around more before making a final decision. It’s a Safavieh brand console table with a vintage grey finish, and it was hunt to find after being sold out for months. I was able to purchase one in stock at Lowe’s and while the order ended up being pushed back a few weeks, it was well worth the wait. Lesson learned: if you see something that catches your breath the first time around, don’t bother looking elsewhere because nothing else will compare. The other two items still posed a challenge to find, mainly due to my indecisive nature. In the end, I got a barging deal for this white distressed wall mirror at Kirkland. Since I love the Safavieh brand table, I figured I’d also love the brand in a runner rug (combining beautiful and colorful design with great functionality for indoor/outdoor use). While there were quite a few painstaking decisions, it all became validated once everything came together and — more importantly — created a beautiful base for an entryway design.

fall foyer

fall foyerfall foyerTHE DECORATIONS
After getting the essential pieces in place, next came my favorite part — the decorations. This is where my newfound love of fall comes into play and shines through with all the cute things I’ve accumulated this season. There’s something to be said about decorating for fall and decorating for Halloween. While the holiday happens to be my favorite, I wanted to go for more of a rustic feel over the kitschy look that many people buy into. By utilizing some one-of-a-kind pieces along with simplistic holiday décor, the combinations pair very well together. Some pieces I went out in search for, like the lantern box or the little Halloween duo. Others I happened on by chance at local art fairs, like this beautifully made pumpkin book or these ceramic leaves.

fall foyer

 fall foyerfall foyerOf course, I had to add a personal touch with some of my favorite photos of our family. Since I have a habit of going with neutral-toned colors, I went with a turquoise frame to go along with our similarly-colored rug. Fall decorations wouldn’t be complete without some pumpkins. After a day-long search for some white pumpkins, I finally found this perfect size, along with a smaller orange one at Target. And being the book lover that I am, I wasn’t about to pass up on these stackable set of potion and spell books.

fall foyer

fall foyerIMG_6857fall foyerIMG_6860FALL FRONT YARD
I couldn’t create a proper fall entryway without also decorating in some classic and original pieces outside our house. Once again, in combining  some familiar Halloween favorites along with autumn trends, I tried to create a festive yet simple front entrance. This is also the first year Jacob and I will be able to pass out candy to trick-or-theaters since we finally live in a subdivision and not the rural country. With that in mind, I wanted to make sure there’s something new to see as you get closer and closer to the front door. As with some other items, I found this  lovely hanging polka-dot pumpkin at an art fair last month and couldn’t wait to put it up as a focal point to our front door. I also found this tiered flower pot at a vintage fair for a bargain price. A simple trip to Lowe’s to purchase mum’s transformed this neutral palette into a colorful box of oranges and yellows. In keeping with the fall theme, I also found a unique owl stand made out of painted metal work. I have a thing for owls, so there was no walking out of the store without this little guy. Finally, Jacob and I carved our first pumpkins in our new house together, freshly picked from a local farm’s pumpkin patch. He went for a more creative touch while I stayed traditional jack-o’-lantern style. And there you have it. By mixing together some classic seasonal items with original rustic pieces, the fall foyer décor shines through into a warm and comforting entrance.

fall foyer


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