Falling in Love with Fall

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love summertime. If I had to choose between freezing in cold weather or sweltering in the hot sun, I’ll take a sunburn any day over shivering in my boots. So normally around this time of year, I feel a little melancholy for the end of my favorite season and absolute dread at what’s to come within a few months. But this year, I experienced a big change in attitude — I fell in love with fall. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but I definitely found myself looking more forward to autumn than I had  in the past. Pumpkin carving, scarves and boots, and hot apple cider. And with no neighbors in our backyard, we have a gorgeous view of the changing leaves. As it so happened, the season also arrived at about the same time as my latest home makeover: the entryway. Not only was I able to find some essential pieces to make an inviting entrance, I could also decorate with a fun fall foyer theme (see what I did there?).

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Tomato Soup for the Soul

Welcome to the first in a long line of upcoming Food for Thought posts that focuses on a vegetable I’ve been swimming up to my eyeballs in: tomatoes. In Days of Summer Gone By Part II, my tomato garden flourished beyond something I could possible control. The tomatoes, basil and even the rosemary were beginning to get a tad overwhelming to say the least, and I absolutely needed to put my bounty to good use. With that goal, the first recipe that came to mind was tomato basil soup. I’ve never been much of a soup person, but when I was first introduced to the delicious and flavorful taste of tomato basil, it was love a first bite. So here’s a recipe for creating some fresh soup using some home-grown ingredients.

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Days of Summer Gone By Part I

With fall officially upon us and summer complete, I thought I’d take one last time to reflect on some of the  outside projects I worked on to not only improve the look of our home, but also give us delicious rewards. I’m speaking of course of my front garden’s total transformation. If you read my post April Showers Bring May Flowers, you’ll know how much I wanted to re-landscape the front yard with some much needed flowers, freshening up the entire feel of our home. I’ll also pick up where I left off with Humble Vegetable Beginnings. To read some insight into what I learned from my first vegetable garden and what I’ll be prepared for next summer, see the second part of this post in Days of Summer Gone By Part II. So here’s to having a wonderful season this past year as I stroll down summer’s memory lane.

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Days of Summer Gone By Part II

Welcome to the second part of this post, where I focus on the results of my first tomato/herb garden (to read the first part of this post on renovating our front garden, click here). With fall upon us and winter fast approaching, I’m taking the time to reflect on some of my favorite summer projects this year, including my vegetable garden. In Humble Veggie Beginnings, I built my vegetable box, bought the dirt and had about eight tomato plants, along with two basil plants and a rosemary. While this was my first year growing my own produce, I had a very successful harvest. Almost too successful. Before I knew it, I was swimming in tomatoes and basil, without really knowing what to do with my bounty. So here’s a few lessons I’ve learned from farming my first little plot of land and raising a plethora of tomatoes, basil and rosemary.

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