Going Bananas for this Bread

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always a cooking fanatic for the majority of my life thus far. Until I moved out of my parent’s house, I wasn’t up for much of anything involving the kitchen. Very rarely would you find me cooking anything, unless if it was boiling a pot of pasta or frying eggs for breakfast. I guess it just didn’t click with me until I was able to buy my own groceries and use my own appliances in my own kitchen. However, one thing you could always count on me doing — no matter what kitchen I’m in — was baking. Mostly sweets, of course: brownies, cookies, cakes. But sometimes cute little snacks: stuffed baby peppers, roasted cauliflower, sometimes a frozen quiche or two. But something my Mom could always count on me making without complaint was banana bread. Anytime we had some leftover bananas that ripened past the point of peeling and eating, I knew what I’d be doing for the day. Coming out of an ABC cookbook with the letter “B” being — you guessed it — bananas, that tradition has still continued to our new home, and I hope to continue on to my own children one day.

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Humble Veggie Beginnings

When Jacob, Winston and I first moved in to our new place, I always knew I wanted a vegetable garden. The chance to grow my own produce and eat from my own backyard was an attractive concept in of in itself. Getting the opportunity to put my gardening skills to the test was a feat I decided to take head on. Honestly, I felt like I’d be lucky to just harvest a few basil leaves and manage not to kill off too many tomatoes in the process. The funny thing is I used to hate tomatoes. If it wasn’t in a sauce or jam, I wasn’t touching it. Then, at some point between my picky 12-year-old appetite and now, my taste buds changed and long story short, tomatoes are my new favorite vegetable. Combine that with the sweet aroma of a fresh basil plant and the contents of my vegetable garden were set (along with a delicate rosemary plant just for kicks).

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