Let Them Eat “Pupcakes”

Anyone who knows me understands how much family means to me. The love I have for my family is endless. Any chance I get to be  with Jacob, my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews is time well spent. But family doesn’t always have to be blood. I have girlfriends who are just like sisters to me and a group of guy friends who act like little brothers.

winstonFamily includes all the people I love and care about the most — even my four-legged furry friends. I’ve always been an animal person since I before could remember, so naturally all the pets in my life have acted like best friends to me. And some more like children now. From my first dog Megan to three sister Westies — Lucy, Maddie and Phoebe. Most recently, though, Jacob and I adopted our first doggie-child together last year named Winston. Since then, we’ve watched him grow from a rambunctious puppy into a semi-mature young adult dog (still rambunctious of course). His personality speaks for itself, and his quirks have grown far and wide. You could say I’m definitely one of those people who treats their dog like their own child — and is probably what prompted me to celebrate Winston’s first birthday with some homemade peanut butter “pupcakes.”

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