The Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side

grass beforegrass afterGrowing up in the country, I’ve been accustomed to having fields of green surrounding my home my whole life. The lush, soft, dewy carpet of grass was always familiar to the bare feet of my childhood days. Even the scent of a freshly mowed lawn has a soft spot in my list of favorite smells. So when Jacob, Winston and I moved to the suburbs, it was vital for me to have this same feeling. Yet, despite my best wishes, our side and back lawn were not in the best of conditions after this year’s harsh winter. Bald patchy spots were strewn across the yard, and the amount of dead grass was almost horrific. So with a little bit of research, several trips to Lowe’s and a green thumb, I transformed my lawn from a slightly barren wasteland (above top) to a lush lawn of freshly grown grass (above bottom). And here’s how I did it.

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The Homestretch to Derby Day

It probably comes as no surprise that I was never the sports-fanatic enthusiast. When I was younger, my parents tried to get me to participate in almost everything: soccer, softball, basketball. Honestly, I was more content to skip practice and just play on the playground (true story). Aside from a semester on the swim team in middle school, watching the Super Bowl and going crazy over March Madness,  I am the opposite definition of what it means to be “sportsy.” But from where I come from, there is one sport that brings almost everyone together, athletic or not: The Kentucky Derby.

With the exception of a school trip and a recent excursion to Downs After Dark, I’ve never had the chance to actually go to the race track on Derby Day. For some reason, my state orchestra competitions always seemed to take place whichever Saturday Derby was on. But that didn’t stop me and my Dad from picking horses in the paper and betting quarters on which names we liked the most. Although it’s a large part of the event, Derby isn’t just about horse racing. The outfits definitely are a sport of their own: hats, fascinators, bow ties, dresses and (much to my disgust) fedoras. Parties are also another must-do on the list of properly celebrating Derby. However, one of my favorite aspects is the food. So for this post, I decided to try my hand at a Kentucky Derby classic: The Hot Brown.

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