Egg-cellent Deviled Eggs for Easter

Easter hasn’t always been a big holiday in my family. We typically use it as an everyday get-together, and for the last couple of years we’ve been spending it around a dinner table at P.F. Changs. Definitely not your typical Easter dinner, but still delicious. Instead, my family stuck more toward the whole bunnies and eggs aspect of celebrating Easter. In the mornings, I’d get a basket full of goodies — chocolate eggs, bunnies and, of course, peeps. Sometimes we’d go on Easter egg hunts or  have my picture taken with some creepy man in a bunny suit. But the one activity I remember always getting excited over was coloring eggs. Watching those tiny tablets change into vibrant colors with just some vinegar and water was enchanting to my childhood self. Writing secret messages on the eggs then watching the words take shape was magical. It’s a tradition I intend to continue now that we have a home of our own. However, this year I decided to mix up the concept of coloring eggs, as well as make some delightful deviled egg recipes, courtesy of my Food Network magazine.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite season is summer. To me, the perfect weather includes three things: bright sunshine, clear skies and a constant 80-90 degree temperature. Summertime  means swimming in my parent’s pool, evening walks with Winston and riding with the car windows down. It means freshly cut grass (one of my favorite smells by the way), grilling hotdogs and hamburgers on the back yard BBQ and day trips to amusement parks or getaway vacations to anywhere with a beach. And for perhaps the first time, summertime now means pulling out my green thumbs. So when the first signs of spring began to emerge out of one of the worst winters I’ve ever endured this year, I was beyond ecstatic.

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A True Wake-Up Call

I think it’s safe to say most of us have stayed in a hotel at least once in our lives. From business trips to getaway vacations and rundown motels to 50 story condos, we’ve all had our fair share of hotel life. Whether you’ve been there once or a thousand, the routine is almost always the same. You’ll book yourself a room — attempting to get the best deal you can — check in and confusingly try to find your room. Once you slide your key across the access, you drop your bags, inspect your bed (pretending no one else has slept there) and maybe pocket some bath products. After checking out the goodies in the mini bar, you’ll order up some room service, watch a little T.V. and set up your wake-up call to beat checkout time. Sometimes you’ll get up a little extra early just to snag some complimentary breakfast. Before you finally leave, you’re likely to take a couple more linens for the road. Finally, it’s check out time and that’s that. But while we may know everything about the hotel routine from a customer’s perspective, there’s even more that happens behind the scenes. And that’s where “Heads in Beds” comes into the picture.

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